Sleeve Revision Surgery

Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy (VSG) is one of the most effective surgical weight loss procedures. However, some patients do not lose as much weight as they expect, resulting in the need for additional surgery. One or more factors may lead to VSG failure.

One of the most common causes of VSG failure is stretching of the stomach after surgery. This is also the easiest to repair. A simple procedure that involves re-sleeving is generally enough to correct the failure.

Some patients, though, require additional procedures to make the Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy effective. When patients require malabsorptive and metabolic weight loss features, the Ileal Transposition and Duodenal Switch procedures may be necessary to achieve optimal weight loss.

While most revisional procedures carry more risk than initial bariatric surgeries, revisions from the VSG to Duodenal Switch generally has the fewest complications because VSG is one part of the Duodenal Switch procedure. The conversion takes a shorter amount of time because the first part of the surgery is already done. The revisional procedure is actually less risky than having the Duodenal Switch surgery first. Patients who are not satisfied with the results from their VSG may see more weight loss with Duodenal Switch.

Stomach stretching can cause more serious problems than insufficient weight loss or weight regain. When the stomach tube stretches in unnatural ways and some stomach parts are larger than other areas, eating can become uncomfortable. For example, if stomach stretching causes the stomach tube to become hourglass-shaped, it can become difficult for food to move through the narrow part of the tube, resulting in pain and discomfort. We offer several options for correcting the problem and helping food flow normally.

Our sleeve revision procedures:

  • Revise sleeve with stricture (seromyotomy) to correct dysphagia
  • Sleeve to bypass to correct dysphagia
  • Revise large sleeve to smaller sleeve for better weight loss
  • Sleeve to bypass for better weight loss
  • Sleeve to DS for better weight loss

If your gastric sleeve surgery has failed, email us or call 713-493-7700. Take some time to consider your weight loss goals and how we can assist you in achieving them. We can answer your questions and concerns about revisional surgery and ease your fears of another weight loss procedure.